Below are a few polls I have created for Veronicas fans! Vote in each one!

Favorite song on “The Veronicas” (2014)?

Did You Miss Me (I’m A Veronica)
Line of Fire
Teenage Millionaire
Born Bob Dylan
Mad Love
You Ruin Me
More Like Me
If You Love Someone
Let Me Out
You and Me

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How many times have you seen The Veronicas in concert?

Never! 🙁
2-3 times
4-5 times
6 or more

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Have you met the Veronicas?

No, and I have never been to their concert.
No, but I have been to their concert.
Yes, but only Jess.
Yes, but only Lisa.
No, but I met the band!

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Favorite Veronicas album?

The Secret Life Of…
Hook Me Up
The Veronicas

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